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Keep Your Bike in Prime Condition with Our Professional Servicing Solutions

At TMS Bikes, top-notch performance meets reliability. Our motorbike servicing is tailored to ensure your machine is always in peak condition and ready to take on any journey you desire.

Trust us to maintain, repair, and optimise your motorbike so you can focus on what really matters – enjoying the ride.

Why TMS Bikes is Your Preferred Motorcycle Service Provider ?

Team of Experienced Technicians

With a wealth of experience in the motorcycle industry, each technician brings a depth of knowledge and a passion for motorcycles that translates into meticulous attention to detail.

State-of-the-art tools and Genuine Materials

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and top-quality parts, which helps us ensure your bike’s longevity, reliability, and performance are never compromised.

Affordable Pricing

With us, affordable pricing does not mean a compromise on quality; it means servicing tailored to your budget. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, so you receive value for a great price.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Our servicing routines are designed to ensure that every motorcycle leaving our workshop adheres to the highest safety standards under all riding conditions.


Our warranty is unlike any other bike shop. Should any issues arise post-service due to our oversight, you can return the motorcycle for a redo at no additional cost!

Check Out Our Servicing Packages

This package addresses the crscooter’spects of your scooter’s performance and longevity for your convenience. For $98, these services are covered:

  • Drive Belt

  • Roller

  • U-Clip

  • Spark Plug

  • Liqui Moly Scooter Engine Oil

  • Liqui Moly Gear Oil

We also offer these add-ons to keep your scooter running smoothly:

  • CVT Filter – $12

  • IRIDIUM – $15


Tailored for Class 2B Motorcycles, our motorcycle service package offers top-tier engine oils combined with essential maintenance to keep your motorcycle performing at its peak:

  • REPSOL SMARTER 4T 10-50 (Fully SYN) with Oil Filter – $28:
  • REPSOL RACING 4T 10W-50 (Fully SYN) with Oil Filter – $31:
Motorbike Servicing Repair Workshop
Valve Clearance

Incorrect valve clearance can lead to lost power, increased fuel consumption, and a noisy ride. Our expert technicians adjust your valves to the precise specifications required for optimal performance and smooth operation.

Motorcycle Fork Servicing

We replace old fork oil, check for wear, and replace seals to prevent leaks, ensuring your ride is as comfortable as it is safe. Perfect for riders who demand precision handling and stability from their bikes.

Motorcycle Coolant Flush

Over time, coolant loses its effectiveness and can even become corrosive, potentially leading to overheating and engine damage. We flush out old coolant and refill your system with high-grade, genuine, motorcycle-specific coolant.

Engine Oil Change

Engine oil lubricates, cools, and cleans your engine but can become contaminated over time. We drain the old oil, replace it with top-quality motor oil suited to your specific engine requirements, and change the oil filter to ensure your engine runs smoothly.

Brake Pad Change

Worn brake pads reduce braking effectiveness and increase stopping distances. We replace old pads with high-performance materials that provide superior stopping power and fade resistance, giving you the confidence to handle any stops on your journey.

Other Services

Our comprehensive motorcycle service also covers maintenance for various aspects of your bike: Chain Sprocket, Battery, Steering Cone, Bearings, Oil Filter, Belt Roller, Gear Oil, Brake Bleed, Brake Fluid, System Flush, Radiator, Radiator Fluid, Spark Plug, Headlight, Signal Bulbs and more!


Don’t wait for performance to decline or safety to be compromised. Schedule your service with us today and ensure your motorcycle is in peak condition!

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