Say Goodbye to Tyre Troubles with Our Expert Tyre Services

Don’t let worn or damaged tyres slow you down. At TMS Bikes, we understand that tyres are the foundation of your motorcycle’s performance and safety.

That’s why we offer specialised Tyre Repair and Tyre Replacement services designed to keep you rolling smoothly and securely on any road.

Visit us today and experience the best in tyre services that keep you ahead of the curve!

Why TMS Bikes is Your Preferred Motorcycle Service Provider ?

Team of Experienced Technicians

With a wealth of experience in the motorcycle industry, each technician brings a depth of knowledge and a passion for motorcycles that translates into meticulous attention to detail.

State-of-the-art tools and Genuine Materials

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and top-quality parts, which helps us ensure your bike’s longevity, reliability, and performance are never compromised.

Affordable Pricing

With us, affordable pricing does not mean a compromise on quality; it means servicing tailored to your budget. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, so you receive value for a great price.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Our servicing routines are designed to ensure that every motorcycle leaving our workshop adheres to the highest safety standards under all riding conditions.


Our warranty is unlike any other bike shop. Should any issues arise post-service due to our oversight, you can return the motorcycle for a redo at no additional cost!

Tyre Repair and Replacement Services
Motorcycle Tire Change (Front & Rear)

Our comprehensive front and rear tyre change service ensures your bike maintains perfect grip and balance. Our expert technicians will help you select and install the best tyres that fit your riding style and needs.

Motorcycle Tyre Inner Patch

Our Motorcycle Tyre Inner Patch provides an airtight and secure seal, far surpassing the reliability of traditional tire worming. This quick fix not only saves you time but also extends the life of your tyre, ensuring you stay on the road longer without replacing your tyre.

On-site Emergency Tyre Repair

Available during our working hours of 12-8 pm, we offer prompt and reliable tyre repair right where you are. Whether it’s a sudden flat tyre or a punctured tyre by sharp objects, our mobile breakdown service is equipped to handle your emergency quickly and efficiently,

Car Tyre Repair

While we primarily offer tyre services for motorbikes, we are happy to help car owners with minor car tyre puncture issues.

Please note that we do not offer replacements for car tyres.


Whether you need a complete tyre change, a durable patch, or emergency assistance, we are here to help. Our expert team is ready to provide fast, reliable solutions that get you back to riding with confidence and peace of mind!

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